• FAMU Perry Paige Auduitorium (map)
  • 1740 South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
  • Tallahassee, FL, 32307
  • United States

The proposed project will involve a collaborative partnership between the Florida Sheriff’s Association, Florida Police Chiefs Association, and the consortium of Florida’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (FL HBCUs) in the identification and recruitment of high-quality law enforcement professionals. The consortium of FL HBCUs includes Bethune-Cookman University (Daytona Beach), Edward Waters College (Jacksonville), Florida A & M University (Tallahassee), and Florida Memorial University (Miami). FL HBCUs provide an ideal venue to recruit a diverse array of minority law enforcement professionals. Within the consortium of FL HBCUs there are approximately 2,000+ students (undergraduate/graduate) majoring in criminal justice or related fields. FL HBCUS are uniquely positioned to develop the next generation of law enforcement professionals and leaders in Florida, as well as nationally. The reasons include, but are not limited, to: 1) many FL HBCUs criminal justice students hail from disadvantaged communities throughout Florida and the nation; 2) FL HBCU criminal justice graduates comprise a large segment of the law enforcement community in Florida; and 3) FL HBCUs criminal justice graduates have a statewide presence in every region (North, Central, and South) of the State resulting in a statewide network of law enforcement professionals who can serve a valuable role in the recruitment of the next generation of law enforcement professionals. The proposed Florida Historically Black Colleges & Universities Law Enforcement Recruitment & Community Engagement Tour will consist of the following activities. 1. Law Enforcement Recruitment Fair & Luncheon - (10am - 4pm) Law enforcement recruitment and job fairs will be held on the campuses of Florida’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies will be provided an opportunity to meet and recruit the nearly 2,000 (undergraduate & graduate) criminal justice majors attending Florida’s HBCUs. 2. Strengthening the Relationship Between the Community and Law Enforcement Workshops - (6pm - 8pm) Local community residents and law enforcement professionals will participate in an interactive training workshop designed to identify strategies to strengthen the bond and relationship between the two groups. Participants will be divided into groups with the sole purpose of identifying strategies and barriers to strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Each group will be required to put forth substantive solutions to any barriers or problems identified within the individual groups. At the conclusion of the workshop, each group will present their ideas and strategies for strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Criminal Justice faculty and students from each of the participating FL HBCUs will compile a report with the information gathered from the workshops. This report will serve as a road map for local law enforcement and community leaders to strengthen their bond and to measure the progress